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How To Tell When Your Car's Engine Is Starting To Falter

Your car's engine is the motor that keeps everything going. When your engine works well you're able to get the maximum performance out of your vehicle. You can accelerate with ease and glide along the road in a very smooth manner. Aside from total engine failure, you may not know when the device is starting to malfunction. There are a few, subtle signs which can indicate that your engine is on its last legs. If you notice any of these symptoms it's best to get your car over to an auto service professional immediately.

Your Gas Mileage Starts To Drop-Off

If you've had your car for a while there's a good chance that you know about how much you're going to need to pay for gas each week. As long as you maintain the same routine and don't take a long trip or deviate too much your gas budget is probably pretty consistent. When this starts to change you need to figure out what the problem is. After you've checked the gas prices to make sure that there hasn't been a change in the price of fuel it's time to consider whether or not the engine is the problem.

The compression stroke instrument in your engine might be starting to falter. If this is the case it's going to need more fuel to power the engine than it used to. You might want to purchase an inexpensive fuel cleaner from your local auto store to see if this helps at all. If nothing seems to be changing and you're still feeling the pain at the pump have your technician take a look at your engine.

Your Engine Starts To Stall

You may have seen some cars on the road that need to be restarted after they stop at a red light. This is an extreme example of what it means for your engine to stall. Even if your car hasn't reached this point it's still important to pay attention to the smaller instances. If your vehicle starts to be herky-jerky when you're riding down the road and you find that you don't have the power that you used to it's time to act. You don't want to wait until there is a complete stall-out before you have the car fixed.

Caring for your engine is a key way to keep your car working properly. Pay attention to the way that your vehicle responds so you'll know when your engine needs some TLC. Contact a shop, like First Class Engines, for more help.