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3 Great Tips For Keeping Your Car's Engine In Great Condition

The engine is one of the most expensive parts in your car to fix. As such, you need to take proper care of it so that these repairs are not a regular occurrence. This won't be challenging if you remember these maintenance tips.

1. Replace Engine Oil at the Correct Intervals 

No engine would be complete without engine oil. It's designed to lubricate your engine and keep it from overheating. Unfortunately, over time, it loses its effectiveness to work at an optimal rate. That's why it needs to be changed at the correct intervals.

These intervals can vary from vehicle to vehicle, so it's important to consult with the engine manufacturer to see what they recommend. Once you know how often your engine oil should be changed, you can either do so yourself or have it done professionally. If you choose the former option, make sure you use the same type of oil for optimal engine performance.

2. Inspect the Air Filter 

Although not expensive, the air filter in your vehicle plays a pivotal role for the engine. It prevents dirt, debris, and other particles from entering your engine -- thus helping to extend its projected life expectancy. It can't screen out these contaminants, however, if it's too dirty.

That's why you need to make it a priority to check this component at least once a month. If you take it out and it's extremely dirty on both sides, you'll need to find a replacement. When doing so, make sure you check the dimensions on the old filter. This way, the new filter fits perfectly into the air filter housing unit.

3. Pay Attention to Leaks 

Before and after you drive, you need to get in the habit of checking underneath your vehicle. What you're looking for are potential leaks. It's important to spot them promptly so that you don't do costly damage to your engine.

If you spot an engine leak or even smell one, you should take your vehicle to an auto repair shop as quickly as possible. Professionals here will be able to identify the source of the leak and come up with a repair strategy that works for your particular budget. The repair might involve patching up a structural puncture or replacing an engine part entirely.

The engine is a critical component of your vehicle, and as such, you need to maintain it correctly over the years. The more effort you put into preventative maintenance, the fewer problems you'll ultimately have to deal with. For more information, contact a company like Central Valley Wholesale.