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Three Ways To Modify Your Classic Chevy to Make it Handle Like a Modern Muscle Car

American muscle cars have come a long way in terms of performance. While they were once considered one-trick ponies, only competent in straight-line drag races, modern muscle cars offer handling, braking, and fuel economy on par with most competing sports cars in their price range.

However, there's still something undeniably special about driving a classic muscle car like the Chevrolets produced in the 1950s. Luckily, aftermarket companies have a solution that let you get the best of both worlds. There is now an abundance of modifications you can install to make your classic Chevy perform much more like a contemporary muscle car.

Install a Disc Brake Conversion

Like most cars of the 1950s, classic Chevrolet cars rolled out of the factory with drum brakes. Not only do drum brakes lack the raw stopping power of disc brakes, they also tend to overheat in performance driving scenarios.

Swapping out your Chevy's drum brakes for a disc brake kit will drastically reduce its stopping distance. It will also help eliminate brake fade during bouts of spirited driving. A disc brake conversion will make your car faster on the track, more fun to drive on twisty roads, and much safer in emergency stopping situations.

Install a Modern Set of Performance Wheels and Tires

Wheel and tire technology has improved drastically over the last several decades. To compliment your upgraded brake system, swap out your Chevy's wheels and tires with a modern performance set from a company like i5 CHEVY.

Modern performance wheels will be lighter and stronger than the ones your car came with stock. Lightening your wheels means you'll get improved acceleration, stopping distance, and gas mileage. Similarly, a new set of performance tires will give you much better traction off the line, higher cornering speeds, and reduced stopping distance. Pairing performance wheels and tires with a good set of disc brakes will completely transform the way your classic Chevy stops and goes.

Install an Aftermarket Suspension Kit

The stock suspension on your classic Chevy leaves a lot to be desired. It may be comfortable, but it produces excess body roll and severely lacks road feedback. Converting your suspension to a modern set of coil-over springs and shocks will tighten up your car's handling and make it much more predictable when cornering at high speeds.

To complement your upgraded springs and shocks, install a set of performance anti-sway bars. Anti-sway bars connect one side of your suspension to the other in order to increase the rigidity of your chassis and increase the feedback you feel from your tires. When combined with a modern set of coil-overs, anti-sway bars will make your classic Chevy feel like it's driving on rails when compared to the bouncy, vague suspension setup it came with from the factory.